Elite Shungite Crystals for Wall Mount


Our Shungite crystal filtration method provides the highest water filtration possible. This unique mineral rock is made of 98% carbon and has incredible filtration properties. It removes toxins, bacteria and chemicals from your shower water, leaving you with pure water.

Change every 6-8 months.


Shungite has iincredible healing and skin and hair benefits. It has huge antibacterial properties and is packed full of antioxidants, meaning it can help to heal dry skin and hair concerns. It’s also packed full of essential minerals, helping you achieve soft skin and silky hair. 


Shungite benefits:


-       Highest water filtration for the purest water 

-       High resistance to chemicals

-       Contains natural antioxidants and essential minerals

-       Energizes water

-       Has ‘healing’ energy

How to use:

Simply switch the ceramic balls in your Vitaclean Wall Mount Shower Head for Shungite ones, turn on the tap and enjoy the purest possible water.  We recommend replacing your Shungite crystals every 6-8 months.