Vitaclean voted one of the 6 best new grooming products in the world this week by British GQ!

From high-tech moisturisers to fragrances, we get to put some of the best men's grooming products to the test here at GQ HQ. If you want to be the most impeccable man in the room, these are the items you need to get in your bathroom cabinet right now. 

Vitaclean vitamin C-filtered shower head


After a while, the water in the UK can be quite harsh on your skin and hair. This shower head from Vitaclean has a replaceable vitamin C filter which comes in three different flavours: coconut and vanilla, rose, lavender, jasmine and citrus. Each filter lasts for four weeks, is chlorine free and infused with all the essential oils that help soften skin and promote strong, healthy hair. It also saves 25 per cent of water with every shower. And if that wasn't enough, with every purchase money is donated to the Drop4Drop foundation, which distributes clean water to underdeveloped countries. The perfect opportunity to look and feel good while doing good.