Two girls with a love for beauty and wellness are helping consumers rethink their daily shower by sharing information on shower water quality, and raising awareness on the importance of water conservation; as well as emphasise the long-term economic benefits of using less water and less hair care products by highlighting the difference non-chlorinated shower water can make.

Vitaclean HQ offers Vitamin C and Essential Oils filtered handheld shower heads for an affordable and sustainable upgraded shower experience. The product pack includes a handheld filtered shower head, along with a Vitamin C and Essential Oils citrus capsule, anti-bacterial ceramic balls and a microfiber cloth. The capsules come in different scents and need replacement about every four weeks.


Aroma scent experience from natural plant essential oils. When essential oils are exposed to the air they evaporate, quickly releasing their scent which provides a unique experience.


Generating 3-6 times higher water pressure than standard shower heads allows water conservation of up to 25% each time you shower. Increased water pressure creates a spa-like mist in your own bathroom.

Contributing to the environment and the larger cause of water conservation worldwide!


Vitaclean HQ's filtered shower head filters removes 98% of residual chlorine from your shower water.


Our brand values lie on sustainability, female empowerment and spreading our message to encourage young people that they can be innovative and make a change in their communities.

Drop 4 Drop

Vitaclean ais proud to be a partner with Drop4Drop. VITACLEAN will donate £1 per every shower head sold, solely through online sales in the U.K to provide communities with access to clean water! Help us be part of the solution.

DROP4DROP are an independent charity on a mission to alleviate the World Water Crisis. The concept is simple; clean water for all. 100% of donations go straight into clean water projects, helping communities who need it the most. 500,000 people have already benefited from projects funded by vital donations from business partners and individuals.

Solyna Foundation

Vitaclean is proud to be a partner with Solyna. We will donate £1 per sale of each Shimmer Coffee Scrub sold to stand up for the fight against human trafficking! Help us be part of the solution.