Vitaclean featured in Country and Town House, written by Nathalie Eleni |September, 2020

Keep your crowning glory in tip top condition.
Hair SOS: The Best Rescue Treatments for Common Hair Problems

Dull and lackluster locks

Give your hair a spa fresh experience with an innovative shower head attachment. Vitaclean Shower attachment has a three-part filtration system to remove nasty water impurities like chlorine, dust, limescale, dirt and bacteria while helping to cut water consumption by 25 per cent. A Vitamin C & Essential Oils Capsule is slotted into your shower head (this needs to be replaced every four weeks and can be bought separately), which delivers added softness to your hair and skin, not to mention filling your bathroom with a five-star spa fragrance experience. The product pack includes a filtered shower head, Vitamin C & essential oils capsule, anti-bacterial ceramic balls and a microfiber cloth. Available for both handheld and wall mounted showers.