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Meet the two ambitious and entrepreneurial young women, Kristina Velkova (to the right) and Sara Douglas (to the left), who are the founders of Vita Clean. They are both based and living in London, UK, but Sara is from Australia and Kristina is from Bulgaria but have lived most of her life in New York.

Sara has been involved in many different businesses and the same has Kristina, who also works as a model. I have met Sara and Kristina at several occasions, and their drive, ambitions, and positive mindset is mind-blowing.

These young women know that hard work pays off but they also enjoy life while working hard.

Sara and Kristina founded Vita Clean, which is a filter you apply to your shower head that will filter the water while adding vitamins to it. Then your water becomes smoother and your body and skin will love you for it.

I have had my Vita Clean for almost 2 months and I love it! My hair and skin is smoother than ever. Below is a Q&A I made with Kristina and Sara about Vita Clean:

 How did you come up with the idea behind Vita Clean? 

After spending most of our earlier 20s traveling and working in various cities/countries, Sara in the tech space and Kristina as a fashion model, we both ended up in London where we met. We worked together on various tech, branding, production and social media projects. We both acknowledged our skill sets were different and understood the possibility to quickly turnover projects. Having a strong base of comparison on the difference soft water has on skin and hair, Sara and I picked up on a recurring problem: hard chlorinated water was making our skin dry and our hair very brittle. We looked into easy-to-install shower water filtration systems only to discover that majority were expensive and hard to install and non-friendly to the renters.

 What is your goal with Vita Clean? 

We launched Vitaclean with core values that we live by. Besides wanting to provide an easy [core] solution to great skin and hair, we also wanted to create a company that understand our generation’s needs and problems. In an oversaturated/competitive job market and still predominantly male ruled business world, we found little room to truly express our skills and determination to create what we truly wanted. Vitaclean serves as a platform to spread awareness about important topics such as water conservation, human\\\ trafficking and conscious consumption whilst using social media to communicate our efforts.

 What is the perspective with Vita Clean  would you like to add on more Vita Clean products? If so, which? 

We are so excited to announce our new Fall product extensions. New filter scents Rose, and Lemon Mango ! We have also collaborated with Solyna Foundation to spread awareness about human trafficking in Cambodia through our Gold Shimmer Coffee Scrub. Thanks to the combination of ingredients we have (oh and it smells like birthday cake!), our shower coffee scrub makes you shimmer gold so that you can feel empowered, beautiful and like an ultimate bronze summer goddess. We are “Daring people to GLOW” by sharing their shimmering skin on social media and using the hashtag #Vitacleanxsolyna. Finally, we couldn’t help but create a customized Vitaclean bathrobe to complete your Vitaclean Routine 🙂

 What is your strongest skills individually for the business? Or do you 
work on everything together? 

Kristina has excellent creative skills and she is really good at executing ideas. A degree in product development and lifelong experience in image making has given her an excellent foundation and knowledge to quickly create what we want from concept to production.

Sara is extremely knowledgeable in the tech space. She also has an eye for trends and quickly picks up on how we should position the business to be in the forefront of innovation in our market space.

 Where do you find inspiration for your business 

Individually, we discovered that we always wanted to create our own companies. The projects we worked on previous to Vitaclean thought us the importance of shared visions and different skillsets. “It takes a team to build a dream”. We really wanted healthy holiday hair everywhere we lived and we found the solution to that.

  How did you both end up living in London?

Usually New York based, Kristina started models in various cities in Europe and made London her base after deciding to spend more of her time in Europe.

Sara initially moved from London to Australia for her boyfriend at the time. Although that did not work out, she fell in love with the city and all the amazing people. After a year in New York which was amazing, Sara moved back to London and has been there and LA since 2011.

 Do you want to continue having London as your base for the business 

Start ups are thriving in London, it is a very important place for us to be for the European market. However, the US market is so much larger. Once we have established ourselves here we would love to split our time between New York and LA. LA is so easy for content too due to the Sun and access to influencers. We also would love to shoot content in Australia often.

 Let the world know why they need Vita Clean in one sentence… 

In a busy, non-stop notification, tech driven world your shower time should be your zen moment to reflect and visualize your dreams, make the most of the experience by showering in Vitamin C and aromatherapy water!


Go get your Vita Clean !