Must have pampering products for creating a spa day at home

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Self-care is hugely important during these unprecedented times, and indulging in a mini pampering session could be just what you need. The country’s emotions are at an all-time low just now, particularly because many of us don’t have the same outlets we were normally used to turning to when we’re feeling a bit down. 

While we can’t whisk ourselves away to a spa retreat or meet up with gal pals for gossip, there’s nothing stopping us from creating our very own zen-like spa day from home. Here’s some of Styletto Mag’s favourite must haves for a self-indulgent, at home spa experience to help you look and feel good during lockdown.




This Vitamin C Showerhead removes shower water impurities and toxins to restore skin and hair to their natural lustre. They’re the solution to the UK’s hard water, acting as a quick, easy and effective way to neutralize chlorine, limescale and bacteria build-up from your shower. As the perfect addition to your morning routine, it provides an uplifting scent to make your bathroom feel like a spa. With a variety of scents including Citrus, Jasmine, Coconut & Vanilla and more, Vitaclean works to brighten the skin for that morning glow.