This Vitamin C - Filtered Shower Head Might Be What Your Daily Routine Is Missing

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wall mounted shower head from vitaclean

While taking supplements or drinking a of glass orange juice are both sound ways to get Vitamin C, there's another way you can reap its benefits without putting in extra effort. A filtered shower head with a Vitamin C shot in it exists, and it might be the daily aromatherapy you didn’t know you needed to add to your routine.

Vitaclean’s wall-mounted shower head comes with a coconut and vanilla scented Vitamin C shot in it to promote healthier hair and skin. The shot lasts seven to eight weeks before it needs to be replaced. The Vitamin C shot replacements come in various scents including coconut and vanilla, lemon and mango, citrus, lavender, and jasmine. If you’re not into the scented vibe but still want the benefits of Vitamin C, there’s also an unscented option. The replaceable shots also feature fun sayings on them like “Live in the present” and “Just breathe.”

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Using Vitamin C directly on your skin is the most effective way to do it if you want the Vitamin's benefits on the cellular level. “Vitamin C is what we call an antioxidant and its main function is to help protect our skin against free radical assaults by neutralizing oxidative stress that can cause cell damage,” dermatologist Dr. Dendy Engelman tells House Beautiful. “In the springtime, we are spending more time in the sun with more exposure to free radicals, so it’s the perfect time to add Vitamin C to the regimen.”

Engelman notes that "too much Vitamin C can be irritating and cause acne breakouts in certain skin types, so it’s best to just stick to one topical Vitamin C product daily.”

If you’re getting Vitamin C from the shower, you really don’t have to think about adding it to your beauty routine. You'll be doing more without really thinking about it. A product that's easy and beneficial? We love to see it.

Along with offering a fresh scent and Vitamin C benefits, the shower head has microfiber cloth and ceramic balls that help remove water impurities like chlorine, limescale, and bacteria buildup. The handheld version is essentially the same, but comes with a lemon and mango scented Vitamin C shot that lasts three to four weeks before it needs to be replaced. Both types are available in silver or with a square pattern in blue, pink, black, or white. You can check them all out on Vitaclean's website.