Vogue UK: How To Make Your Morning Shower More Luxurious


They’re speedy, planet-friendly and utilitarian – but your daily shower can also be a spa-like cocoon of calm and a veritable beauty pit stop if you play it right.

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Do you really enjoy showering? Maybe you’re one of the lucky few who gets fifteen minutes or more to luxuriate in the warm water before work, but for many of us, a shower is part wake-up call, part personal hygiene and part attempted meditation. You run through your to-do list for the day, attempt to shake off the shackles of sleep – while also getting properly clean. Baths are often positioned as the relaxing counterpoint to the somewhat frenetic energy of showering, but given that more of us shower every day rather than bathe, it’s in our best interests to make them as pampering as possible.


Next on your checklist should be the water itself. VitaClean offers shower heads infused with Vitamin C to help balance out the the stripping effects of chlorinated water, while innovative technology within the head helps maximise water pressure for a truly decadent – and waste-minimising – shower.