Aaand breathe!

This is how to maintain your morning calm

It’s 7:05 and you’re already thinking of the list of emails you have to answer… How can you create a little calm to ensure your day doesn’t slip into chaos? It all starts with a breath.

Breathwork is a simple way to quickly decrease stress levels, it switches on your body’s relaxation response, helping to instantly lower your blood pressure. And the best bit? You can do it anywhere – even in the shower.

Turn on the water, step in and follow this little exercise to find your calm before the day begins:

1. Breathe in for a count of five

2. Breathe out for a count of five

3. Repeat until you feel noticeably calmer

Step up your mindfulness technique with one of our vitamin-infused showerheads. The essential oil melts and adds aromatherapy scents to your mindfulness moment, enhancing your state of zen.