Are you guilty of these bad hair habits?

6 haircare habits to break

It’s easy to get into bad habits, in fact, you might not even realise your routine is affecting your hair. Here are six haircare no-nos to strip from your routine stat...



Letting oil build up Underwashing can lead to a build up of dirt, grease and sebum on the scalp, which in turn prevents healthy cell turnover and growth. Washing every 2-3 days is a happy medium.
Swimming without protection Saltwater from the sea and chlorine from the pool can dry out your tresses, leading to dullness and breakage. Try using a swimming cap and work a moisturising mask into your routine to boost hydration.
Not using SPF Harmful UVB and UVA rays can cause discoloration, split ends and thinning. Invest in an SPF spray for your hair for the summer months. 
Leaving hair to air dry When hair is wet it swells, putting pressure on the cuticles and causing split ends. Rather than letting your locks dry au natural, try a routine mix of towel drying with microfiber hair towels, blow drying and air drying.
Brushing hair while wet Your hair is most vulnerable to breakage when wet, tugging at knots can lead to split ends and loss. Instead, invest in a pre-wash detangling spray or gel. 
Wearing tight hairstyles Tight hair styles pull on the hair follicles. This repeated stress causes tension which can lead to hair loss and even alopecia. So, keep the pony for special occasions and let your hair flow. 


Guilty of any of the above?

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