The Truth about UK's hard water

As Great Britain is largely made up of limestone and chalk, around 60% of homes in England and Wales are supplied with hard water. It is very likely that if you are reading this, IT MEANS YOUR HOME might be too! London, Brighton, Southampton, Bristol, and Lincoln are cities most affected by hard water, with Manchester and Birmingham having moderately hard water.

Hard water is produced when naturally soft rainwater falls, and comes in contact with the ground. Passing through porous rocks, like limestone and chalk, causes rainwater to collect calcium and magnesium minerals.


Fortunately, our Vitaclean shower heads are equipped with a special Vitamin C filter that softens water. The microfiber cloth and ceramic balls protects your skin and hair by fighting bacteria build up, capturing all the residue from pipes and assures you get nothing, but pure filtered shower water.



If you’ve ever looked inside your kettle chances are you’ve probably spotted a tough, stony, off-white crust at the bottom of it. This is limescale, the deposit left behind by hard water. This tough substance reduces the lifespan of your appliances, blocks your pipes and wreaks havoc on your hair and skin.


Hard water is unable to form a solution with solutes such as shampoos due to the high levels of minerals that it contains; the calcium and magnesium ions react with the soap to form a substance called scum.

Scum clings to your hair and is highly irritating for the skin.

A research team from the University of Sheffield and King's College London say hard water compromises the protective skin barrier. Because the combination of limescale and scum absorb the vital moisture and natural oils from your skin, it is left defenseless without its natural protective barrier.


If you shower in unfiltered water in hard water areas, you will also notice your shampoo doesn’t lather well. The bubbles created by your soaps and shampoos disappear quickly. This creates soap residue on your skin which leaves it dry no matter what topical products you use.


People spend a fortune every month on moisturizers, lotions, conditioners and scrubs to try and prevent the effects of hard water, in the end, it is literally just pouring money down the drain and you end up fighting a losing battle.


This is where our specially designed shower head comes into play and can have your hair and skin back to its very best condition.


The Vitaclean vitamin C shower head helps neutralize the damaging effects of hard water by infusing it with a special blend of essential oils, vitamin C, dextrin and pectin. As the water passes through the filter of the shower head, the essential oils and vitamin C are mixed and released at a steady rate helping to eradicate limescale and chlorine that causes dry skin and hair.


Therefore, it is vital to make sure that you change your microfiber cloth and ceramic balls at least every 2 months, or even sooner if you notice discoloration on it or that your water spews in directions that it shouldn’t.