While winter may be good for some things, mainly pumpkin spice, hot cocoa, and the holidays; It’s not the best for your hair, sadly.
The cold, dry air tends to leave your hair dehydrated and begging for moisture. Let’s take a look at how you can help your strands this November.

Try DIY hair masks
Now is the time to put that avocado in your fridge to good use. 
You’d be surprised at just how many household food items can be used for hair masks. Honey, mayonnaise, and olive oil are just a few “food” items that have wonderful benefits for your hair as they help to promote shine, lock in moisture, and smooth your hair follicles.
Find a list of foods here that you can make into a DIY mask that will help with hair growth and shine.

Change your shower head
Yep, your showerhead and the water coming out of it can really affect your strands. 
Hard water that has a buildup of things can leave a film on your hair that stops water from penetrating your strands. That said, the same way you filter your drinking water is the same way you need to filter your shower water.
Most shower heads tend not to remove things like chlorine, but Vitaclean's triple filtered shower head does by using Vitamin C. This filtered shower head also uses essential oils that create a scented aromatherapy experience. 
Using Vitamin C filtered showers can help improve scalp and skin health.

Improve your diet
It doesn’t matter how many avocado masks you use on your hair if you aren’t nourishing your body on the inside, too.
Eat consciously, but don’t deprive yourself—that’s no fun. No one should have to deny themselves holiday food. However, try to find a balance and incorporate more healthy dishes like salads, soups, and smoothies to offset some of the non-healthy options.

Combat breakage
If you’re seeing a lot of hair breakage, nip the issue in the bud before it gets uncontrollable.
Identify what the problem is, whether that be something simple like your hairstyle or a result of a larger problem like genetics. That way, you can make productive strides in your hair care by incorporating hair loss solutions or visiting a dermatologist for advice. Whether you’re a man or woman, everyone deserves to be confident in their locks.

Take care of your scalp
Your hair grows out of your scalp, so it only makes sense that your scalp will need some TLC too. When washing your hair, make sure you use your fingers to massage your scalp as this helps promote hair growth and remove buildup.
For a more relaxing, spa feeling use a scalp massager to really exfoliate your scalp while stimulating blood flow.
Hopefully, these tips will help you gain a better understanding of how to take care of your hair during November. 
If you’d like some more insight on Vitaclean products like the Vitamin C filtered shower head, just visit our reviews page