VHQ's subscription model saves you money

Being a #GOALGETTER is hard work. Balancing between grueling work meetings, exam dates, strategy planning, long hot gym sessions 💪🏻, good weekend parties, multiple boyfriends/girlfriends 😆, wine nights, laundry.. The list is endless! We totally understand how hard it is to allocate time to everything we want to get done these days, that’s why we are here to help!


vitaclean hq subscription service for filters


That’s why we now offer subscription options for Filters, Antibacterial Ceramic Balls and Microfiber cloth. This allows you the freedom to keep killing it at life while we take care of the rest! 😎 (Or, well, at least your hair, skin, and wellness)

vitaclean hq filter and bacterial ceramic ball subscription


Not only will you never have to remember to order your VHQ accessories, but subscribing will also save you 20% while you are guaranteed filters shipment every month. Best part yet, you can also choose to have the Antibacterial Ceramic Balls and Microfiber Cloth shipped every 1, 2 or 3 months. 


vitaclean hq microfiber cloth after two months of use