For many parts of the U.K hard water is a problem. When we talk about hard water, we are referring to the mineral content that is contained within it. Every person who lives in a hard water area will know about it as it will be a constant battle to keep the showerhead clear from limescale, not to forget to mention about any glass shower doors which quickly pick up the mineral residue and can become almost impossible to get back to their original clear shine.

Unfortunately, hard water also has some detrimental effects on the body and can cause conditions such as dry and flaky skin, brittle hair, dry scalp and split ends. This is where a specially designed shower comes into play and can have your hair and skin back to its very best in no time at all. The Vitaclean Vitamin C filtered shower head features a special blend of essential oils vitamin C that helps combat the harsh effects that hard water has on the body.

London has one of the hardest waters in the U.K which is not ideal, especially for those whose personal appearance plays a key role in their employment. People spend a fortune every month on moisturizers, lotions, conditioners and scrubs to try and prevent the effects of hard water, in the end, it is literally just pouring money down the drain and you end up fighting a losing battle. The Vitaclean Vitamin C shower head helps neutralize the damaging effects of hard water by infusing it with a special blend of essential oils, vitamin C, dextrin and pectin. As the water passes through the filter of the shower head, the essential oils and vitamin C are mixed and released at a steady rate helping to eradicate limescale and Chlorine that causes dry skin and hair.

Not only does the Vitaclean Vitamin C filtered shower head releases its blend of essential oils helping create aromatherapy. The vitamin c soften your hair and adding real shine, providing much-needed moisture to the skin and scalp and creates a fantastically relaxing fragrance that helps you relax and unwind. This means you can say goodbye to dull skin, split ends and an itchy scalp.

The vitamin C content is not only great for eliminating limescale build up, it also has a brightening effect on the skin creating a brilliant glow. The Vitaclean shower also features anti bacterial ceramic beads and a specially designed cloth that captures contaminants in the water, thus providing you with a much softer and pure water than ever before.

If you are looking at enhancing the benefits of your shower, then the Vitaclean Vitamin C shower head can prove to be a cost-effective and easy to install method. Stop throwing your money away on useless cosmetics in the battle against hard water and start to enjoy softer, cleaner and purer water.