Woah Mamma!




When Vitaclean emailed me asking for me to review one of their showerheads I’ll be completely honest I was a little skeptical to begin with. I mean.. a showerhead?

My initial thought was ‘how the hell can a shower head be so exceptional?’ What is so different about these? I was intrigued to say the least however when I did a little research and It all began to make sense.



Vitaclean shower heads generate 3-6 times higher water pressure than standard shower heads which allows water conversion of up to 25% each time you shower. Increased water pressure creates a spa like mist in your own bathroom. How incredible is that?

Not only does the filtered shower head give you the most relaxing experience of all time but It also leaves you with very well nourished hair and skin as their filters are packed with Vitamin C!

The product pack includes a handheld filtered shower head along with a Vitamin C and Essential Oils citrus capsule, antibacterial ceramic balls and a microfiber cloth. The capsules come in a number of different scents and need replacement around every 4 weeks.



The only word I could use. The second the water was switched on my bathroom was filled with the freshest aroma imaginable. I never wanted to get out of there!

Having had 3 showers since receiving the product, my hair Is surprisingly looking super smooth and feeling super healthy already. I’ve been searching years to find the answer to fix my dull as muck hair and all I really ever needed was filtered water! I cannot believe how quick the filters begin to take effect. Vitaclean where have you been all my life?

I find everything about it amazing! (I’m even having to fight my partner for the shower!!) I think it’s safe to say that Vitaclean have found themselves 2 of their biggest fans. The scent, the relaxation and of course the benefits and vitamins it’s just completely faultless! I literally never want to go back to using a regular shower head EVER.



The Vitaclean shower head came beautifully packaged in a waterproof case with 2 pouches. The largest of the 2 contain the showerhead itself and the smaller pouch contain the filter. It was all so lovely presented which is ALWAYS so important to me. I was SO SO giddy to try it out and I’d have jumped in the shower there and then If I didn’t have the boys clung to a leg each.

Overall I genuinely believe that these are a MUST HAVE. I just wish I could’ve known about them sooner, I’ve been missing out on these beauties for far too long!

Head over to VitaClean and have a nosey around if you want healthier skin and hair by just showering! I’ve even managed to grab you lot a cheeky lil discount. Use code ‘joanne15’