Is your hair damaged? 🤔

Tell tale signs your hair needs TLC

Daydreaming about glossy locks? Here are some signs your hair might be damaged (and how you can treat it, too).

Split ends: frayed tips are a problem we all face at some point. This could be a sign that your hair has been overexposed to heat, or simply that it’s time for a trim.

Brittle texture: if your hair is prone to breakage, it might need more moisture. Try a deep conditioner that plumps up hair fiber with proteins to increase strength, elasticity, and shine.

Hair loss: there are many reasons behind hair loss in both men and women, ranging from stress to lack of vitamins to hard water. Try switching to filtered water, which gets rid of the nasties that can clog up hair follicles and inhibit healthy growth.

Tangles and frizz: hair that tangles easily is a sign that hydration is needed. Amp up your routine with a hair mask or try a filtered showered head that infuses your water with essential oils.

The Vitaclean shower head uses Vitamin C filters that come in a range of scents, turning your shower into a spa experience and giving your hair and skin much-needed hydration.