Are you washing your face wrong?

The down-low on H2O

Okay, our tap water is safe to drink and wash in, but is it the best for your skin?

Unfortunately, the answer is a big no. Chlorine, copper, and zinc can be found in our tap water.

These elements can strip away natural oils, leave you with flakey skin, and make fine lines more visible.

Further than this, in the UK, studies found plastic microfibres in 72% of household tap water tested. Yikes. // Further than this, in the US, studies found plastic fibres in 94% of household tap water. Yikes.

Tips from Vitaclean...

1) Wash your face with bottled water. Still or sparkling, washing your face with bottled water has been proven to leave you with a clear, glowing complexion.

2) Invest in micellar water. This removes oil and dirt and unclogs pores without leaving behind chemicals.

3) Try our filtered shower head. Our Vitaclean shower heads not only remove nasties from your water but also infuse them with vitamin C & essential oils, too.

Et voila, soft, healthy skin is all yours.