Is your scalp hydrated? 💧

Let’s talk about scalp health…

When we health check our hair, we usually look out for split ends and dull shine, right? In fact, the health of your scalp is just as important as your locks. Here’s how to keep it in top condition…  

What are the signs your scalp is dry?

Flakiness is a sure sign your scalp is dry. These flakes are usually thin and white, differing from dandruff, which is thick and oily. A dry scalp is also a common culprit of thinning hair. Dryness can clog your hair follicles, preventing new growth. You might also notice that your scalp feels tight and itchy. 

How to hydrate your scalp…


  • Drink plenty of water. Water energises hair cells, aiding new growth and removing toxins.
  • Take Vitamins that support hair follicles and help keep the scalp in peak health.
  • Shower with filtered water. Filtered water removes pollutants that cause dry skin.

A Vitaclean showerhead not only filters the nasties out of your shower water, it boosts it with vitamin C and essential oils too, giving your scalp a hydration boost with each wash.