Why do we shower?

There’s more to showering than meets the eye…

Stepping into the shower is all part of your morning routine, right? It’s more than a habit, it has tons of health benefits, too. 

1) Cell turnover – washing removes dead skin cells, allowing your pores to breathe and telling your body to produce new, healthy cells. 

2) Improved blood flow – the steam from your shower increases blood flow and helps to improve your immune system.

3) Fights fatigue – yep, a quick shower helps you feel buzzed for the day and can increase concentration, too.

4) Getting clean (obviously) – the more obvious benefit is that showering removes excess oil, pollution and bacteria, leaving us feeling fresh.
So, how often should you be showering?


Experts suggest that showering every other day is sufficient, but every person is different. Your shower routine will likely depend on how active you are and your personal preference. 

That being said, if you suffer from dry skin, it could be a sign you’re showering too often. Excessive showering strips the skin of natural oils. 
You can combat this and still enjoy your daily rinse with a Vitaclean shower head. It uses essential oils and vitamin C to help keep your skin supple and glowing