Hard water is damaging your hair condition

The summer was fun, but it’s time for a reboot. Our hair is feeling the after-effects of the constant exposure to the hot sun during the summer season, and if you’re anything like us, you’ll have already had it cut and re-colored.

But did you know, that there is something that you can do in your home, which will drastically help you to improve the condition of your hair? And the secret, it’s an easy change that could save your hair and your bank balance.

Hard water is damaging your hair condition

In Wales and England, up to 60% of homes are being supplied with hard water and the impact could be seriously damaging. Once soft rainwater contacts the ground, it passes through rock, collecting calcium and magnesium minerals. This is then supplied to your home in the form of hard water (yes the white stuff around your skin, shower glass and kettle) and it can be incredibly damaging for your hair and skin.


Our Vitaclean shower heads filters the “hard water” that comes through your pipes, offering three levels of filtration. The water dissolves the gel inside our filter, which then releases the essential oils and Vitamin C. The water then travels to the headpiece of the shower and passes through our antibacterial ceramic balls, which help to ensure that there is no bacterial build up inside your shower. Lastly, the water passes by the microfilter cloth, which captures residue and rust particles. Once it hits your scalp, hair, and skin, the water has been filtered and scented for your benefit.

The main benefit comes from the Vitamin C mixture, as this helps neutralize and soften the water leaving your hair with no heavy layers or skin irritant caused from the hard water.

The filters also contain essential oils, which release their aroma scents into the air, the second they contact the hot water and warm smoothing shower steam. Their aromatherapy qualities will immediately help you to feel relaxed and inspired, starting your day in the right mindset, or ending it in a peaceful Zen.

The filter last up to four weeks and the cloth and ceramic balls, only need to be replaced every 3 or 4 months. Saving you any further damage to your hair and keeping your bank balance in the green.

It’s really simple for you to ensure that your hair conditioning is consistent, it just means that you keep up with replenishing your essentials. Every three months, order replacements for your ceramic balls, microfilters and your favourite filter pack.

In fact, when you order your shower head, why not save yourself the hassle and order enough microfilter cloths and ceramic balls to last for the whole year?

In just a week of using our shower head, many people have already seen the dramatic benefits of making this simple change.

And with Christmas fast approaching, this could be the ideal gift for your beauty conscious relative. Or a simple, pampering treat for yourself.

Trust us, your hair and bank balance will thank you for it.


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